Working Together: Holistic and Traditional Combinations That Work

Working Together: Holistic and Traditional Combinations That Work

It's All Connected: 3 Therapies That Heal The Problem Indirectly

Denise Moore

When you're injured, the immediate thought is generally to treat the problem area itself: put on an icepack, massage a muscle ache, or apply a topical medication. While these are valid ways to help treat the problem, injuries often also produce a ripple of trauma through the body, like tense muscles beyond where the injury occurred. In other cases, the injury may simply be too painful to make traditional massage a useful treatment. In these cases, there are three methods of treatment you can try that attempt to heal the problem from another part of your body, under the belief that it's all connected.


When you think of acupuncture, do you imagine someone covered in needles from head to toe? While this might be the case in some methods of treatment, acupuncture is a healing modality that can be altered depending on your needs.

Acupuncturists believe that qi, or energy, travels through the meridians of your body to where it's needed most. Meridians are like invisible arteries and veins, and the acupuncturist's job is to help encourage qi to travel in the direction it should go.

Since a single meridian can run all the way from your scalp to your big toe, an acupuncturist can place a needle anywhere on this line to send the qi in the right direction. Placing a needle directly in or next to the wound isn't necessary, which prevents creating more trauma to try and heal the wound.


Reflexology, like acupuncture, balances qi, but also clears blockages that may prevent qi from getting to where it needs to be.

Reflexology is generally performed on your feet or hands, which are believed to be like a map to areas of your body. For example, a reflexologist might attempt to ease a sinus problem by massaging your toes. However, they would probably also take your pulse before your session to determine where you need assistance the most, as healers who use qi to heal can take your pulse to feel where meridians are blocked or stagnant.

CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy is an extremely gentle method of treatment that often uses as little as 5 grams of pressure on the body. CranioSacral Therapy focuses entirely on the face, skull and neck, with the intention of regulating the flow of cerebrospinal fluid that's responsible for everything from cushioning the brain to flushing the toxins from the body.

Similarly to reflexologists and acupuncturists, CranioSacral Therapists use light pressure to feel the flow of cerebrospinal fluid and find sluggish areas where the flow is restricted. Once these restrictions are found, the therapist gently applies pressure to the neck and head area to loosen tension in the tissue and muscle surrounding the cerebrospinal fluid pathways, reducing or eliminating the restriction.

This therapy is an important step to recovery after a traumatic injury because it's quite common for people to tense up unconsciously during and following an injury. Unfortunately, if the flow of cerebrospinal fluid is restricted, it can slow the recovery process or create secondary problems until the muscular tension is addressed.

If you're recovering from a recent injury or are still experiencing discomfort or mobility problems from an old one, these indirect healing therapies may be beneficial in healing the injury and the other parts of your body that were affected during the trauma without creating more discomfort.


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Working Together: Holistic and Traditional Combinations That Work

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