Working Together: Holistic and Traditional Combinations That Work

Working Together: Holistic and Traditional Combinations That Work

Making Life Easier With Low Vision

Denise Moore

There are over 14 million people in the United States who are living with low vision. With so many people affected by low vision, it is important you know how to make life easier if you have been diagnosed with low vision. Low vision is characterized by having a vision impairment that cannot be corrected using your typical vision correction devices like glasses, contacts, or even surgery. The best your vision can ever get is 20/70 with the help of vision devices, surgery, and medication. This can be very depressing for anyone diagnosed with low vision, but it doesn't mean life has to be difficult. There are many ways to make life more comfortable living with low vision by making a few adjustments. 

Special Lenses

When you go to the doctor to talk about your low vision issues, one of the things they may suggest is special lenses that include a tint. The lenses have a special coating that are designed to enhance contrast so you can distinguish objects easier. They can also help reduce glare which worsens the low vision you are suffering with. 

Download Apps on Your Phone

The last thing you probably think that would help you to see better is a mobile app, but there are hundreds of apps developed to help make life easier for those suffering from low vision. From apps that can read labels on objects to apps that are able to identify colors on clothing, these are great resources if you need help being able to live a normal life with the effects of low vision. 

Check Your Lighting

One of the things that you would assume would come natural is the right lighting. This may take some trial and error in order to get it right. The right lighting can make all the difference when you are suffering from low vision. Colors can look completely different under different light settings. The best way to be able to see clearly in your home is by finding a light that can help you see more clearly. 

Large Print Text

Whether you are reading the newspaper or a recipe book, you can't stop reading just because you have low vision. One of the best ways to be able to read things is to find books and magazines in large print. If you don't have a choice and really need to be able to read something that only comes in regular size print, you can use a magnifier to help make the words larger. Contact Jacobson Eyecare for more information.


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Working Together: Holistic and Traditional Combinations That Work

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