Working Together: Holistic and Traditional Combinations That Work

Working Together: Holistic and Traditional Combinations That Work

Skin Care Tips: 3 Tips To Make Sure You're Ready To Go Back To School

Denise Moore

Whether you're heading into your sophomore year of high school or your freshman year of college, it is time to re-think your skincare routine. When school starts back, it can be extremely easy to develop poor habits when it comes to taking care of your skin, and establishing a solid routine is crucial to beautiful, clear skin. Here are three tips to help keep your skin in tip-top shape without taking an excessive amount of time away from your social life and studies:

1. Always Wash Your Makeup Off Before Bed.

When you leave your makeup on overnight, you are allowing your pores to become severely clogged. This allows excess oil, debris and environmental toxins to settle into your skin. Over a period of time, this will result in acne breakouts. Eventually, collagen will break down and cause fine lines in the skin. Therefore, you should make it a habit to remove your makeup each night after you finish brushing your teeth.

2. Avoid Sharing Makeup and Makeup Tools.

Although it can be tempting to apply your girlfriend's lipstick when it is the latest shade of red that you don't have yet, this can be very dangerous. You are opening yourself up to the potential of catching an infection. This could be anything from pink eye from sharing eyeshadow, mascara and eyeliner, to herpes from sharing chapstick, lipstick and lip gloss. The same is true with sharing lip and eye brushes.

According to ABC News, one-third of individuals carry a common and contagious virus that is known as staph. The news site reported that one woman from Australia has now been confined to a wheelchair after she contracted MSRA (a certain type of staph infection) and the infection spread to her spine. This happened because she shared a makeup brush with a friend. Sharing makeup and makeup tools is simply too dangerous.

3. Make Sure to Apply Sunscreen on a Daily Basis.

This is one of the best prevention measures that you can take for your skin. Sunscreen being applied on a daily basis will help protect your skin from developing skin cancer and protect your skin from the harmful rays from the sun. In fact, one study shows that you can reduce your risk of developing melanoma, a common skin cancer, by 50 percent with daily use of sunscreen. 

UV rays can cause significant damage to your skin, which can cause you to look much older than what you actually are. While the benefits may not be seen immediately with this skincare tip, they will be seen in the future. Essentially, you should think of sunscreen as an insurance policy for your skin.

Heading back to school doesn't mean that you have to spend countless hours taking care of your skin, which can keep you away from your friends and the library. All in all, it is just a couple of extra minutes each morning and each night to help keep your skin in good health once school starts back. If you run into needing some additional help, consider contacting a professional, like those at A Beach Medical Group For Dermatology, for some skin rejuvenation tips and treatments, such as a chemical peel. If nothing else, a facial can be a great way to gift your skin a nice boost just before school so that it is looking its best on the first day of school (or anytime, really).


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Working Together: Holistic and Traditional Combinations That Work

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