Working Together: Holistic and Traditional Combinations That Work

Working Together: Holistic and Traditional Combinations That Work

Is Your Teen Using Drugs? Here's How To Tell And What You Can Do

Denise Moore

Your beautiful son and daughter is now a teen and their behavior is changing. However, they have become erratic, secretive, and aggressive. You're worried that they might be using drugs. Here's how you can tell and what you can do to help.

Symptoms Of Teenage Drug Use

If you're concerned that your teen is using drugs, there are a variety of symptoms that you need to watch for in order to diagnose this problem. While the general symptoms don't vary much from teen to teen, it is worth watching them for the following behaviors to help understand what kind of drugs they may be using:

  • Marijuana – Changes in appearance (blood shot eyes, sleepiness, eating more), actions (confusion, talkative, secretive, using mints), and discovery of paraphernalia (pipes, bags of marijuana, rolling papers, small clips).
  • Opiates – Changes in physical behavior (more alert, sensitive, increased energy) and mood (anxiety, intense happiness, depression, irritation).
  • Cocaine and other stimulants – Restlessness, hyperactivity, sweating, nausea, fever, head problems, aggression, and anxiety.

Watching your teen for these symptoms may be difficult as they are likely to get secretive if they are using. Pay special attention to those moments when you do spend time with them (such as at dinner) without staring at them or aggressively confronting them about it.

Dealing With A Positive Drug Test

So your teen agreed to do a drug test to assuage your fears, and they tested positive. What do you do here? Do you freak out on them, threaten them, kick them out of the house, or call the cops? Such an approach is known as "tough love" which, for a variety of reasons, rarely ever works.

Instead, you should use the opportunity to open up an honest dialogue your child about their drug use. Try to find out why they are using and try to guide them towards a treatment method. If they are willing to listen, be willing to help them. If not, tough love might be necessary.

"Tough" and "Gentle" Love Treatment Styles

A "tough love" approach for teens could include a stay in a wilderness therapy rehab center. Here, they'll be put in a difficult situation in the wild and must work (with professional guidance) on surviving and overcoming their addiction. They'll also be isolated from negative influences and relapse triggers that can get them back into the habit.

A gentler approach could include sending them to a medically-supervised environment where they will be carefully treated using medically-proven methods, such as detoxification. Here, they can recover in relative comfort and successfully beat their addiction. Psychological treatments and cognitive behavior therapy methods may also be utilized to help alter their negative pattern of use.

If you have any struggles in this process (including getting your teen to agree to a drug test), call a drug rehab in your area for guidance. They can give you expert advice that makes this whole process easier.


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Working Together: Holistic and Traditional Combinations That Work

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