Working Together: Holistic and Traditional Combinations That Work

Working Together: Holistic and Traditional Combinations That Work

Sleep Apena Treatments Protect You From Weight-Related Heart Attacks And Strokes

Denise Moore

People typically gain weight as they age, but some gain more weight than others. If you find that your weight gain has gotten out of control and that your sleep apnea has become a real problem, you need to take corrective measures immediately to decrease your risk of a severe heart attack or stroke.

Weight Gain Increases Sleep Apnea Risk

Sleep apnea most often affects people who are overweight to obese. The development of sleep apnea is triggered by these conditions because excessive fat in the body can cause a narrowing of the throat that may lead to an obstruction that makes it harder for a person to get an appropriate amount of oxygen when they sleep.

This problem is serious enough on its own, and it's an issue that overweight people typically have to deal with almost every night. Unfortunately, these individuals may also be learning that their risk of heart attacks and strokes are even higher than they were before they gained weight.

How Sleep Apnea Could Trigger Heart Attacks

Sleep apnea is not just a problem that causes breathing troubles and snoring in those affected. Unfortunately, sleep apnea may also be a factor in a person's increased risk of heart attack or stroke. When a person has an attack of sleep apnea, they won't be getting the full amount of oxygen that they need to breathe comfortably at night.

As a result, they may damage their heart in a severe way or even trigger a damaged heart to fall into an attack state. Therefore, individuals with sleep apnea need to take steps to manage not only the symptoms of this problem — snoring and a cessation of breathing — but to manage the underlying issues that contribute to its development.

Choosing A Treatment Method

People who developed sleep apnea after gaining weight have several different options to consider. First of all, they can lose weight to decrease the development of this disease and avoid serious health complications. While they are losing weight — which could take months or longer — they should also consider sleep apnea treatment methods.

There are several different breathing treatments to consider, including mouth guards that open the throat, and breathing machines that help control the development of sleep apnea. These devices should be worn while a person loses weight to improve their sleep and their ability to lose weight. Just as importantly, they should continue to wear them even after losing weight.

After all, sleep apnea may be triggered not just by weight gain but by other issues that can complicate a person's ability to breathe. Going through these treatment methods ensures that an affected individual is healthy and safe from severe side effects for years to come.


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Working Together: Holistic and Traditional Combinations That Work

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