Working Together: Holistic and Traditional Combinations That Work

Working Together: Holistic and Traditional Combinations That Work

What Are The Elements Of A Functional Restoration Program

Denise Moore

Do you suffer from debilitating back pain that prevents you from living your life the way you would like? Maybe you're fed up with trying different methods of pain relief, but to no avail -- or perhaps you're struggling to discover exercises that actually help your pain rather than hinder it. One option to get back on track would be to enroll in a functional restoration program. These programs focus on helping you better manage your condition, learn to live with it, and return to a more functional life. Here's a closer look at the elements most of these programs tend to include.

Education regarding anatomy, physiology, and biology.

You don't need a Master's degree in physiology to understand your condition, but having a good handle on the basics of how your body works will set you up for success when it comes to managing your condition. As you continue on, this knowledge will help you sort through treatments that are likely to work and those that are mostly marketing. When you do feel pain or experience other symptoms, you will better understand where those sensations and symptoms are coming from, which will make it easier for you to come to terms with them and manage them.

If you're worried about spending hour after hour in college-like lectures, don't worry. Most functional restoration programs make a real effort to make the educational portion of their programs as enjoyable as possible. Expect interactive activities, videos, and personalized stories to hold your attention.

Pain management strategies.

Different people require different pain management strategies for their conditions. Maybe you have tried a few pain management techniques, but you're not sure whether you tried them for long enough or used them properly. In a functional restoration program, your providers will guide you through an organized process of trying different pain management techniques and keeping track of which ones work. They will tell you which techniques you can combine for enhanced effects. By the time the program is over, you will have a specific strategy for keeping your pain under control, which may include prescription drugs, herbal supplements, cold or heat therapies, certain stretches, or a combination of these things.

Mental coping mechanisms.

Dealing with a debilitating injury or pain can wreak havoc on the mental health of even the most stable person. Functional restoration programs help you discover strategies for managing your stress and emotions related to your situation. They may recommend a therapist for you to follow up with and also give you techniques you can use at home, such as deep breathing or grounding, when you're feeling overwhelmed. For many people, this program is the first time they've actually talked about the emotional side of their pain, and even just talking about it can be very freeing.

Plans to return to work.

One of the things you are probably struggling with is returning to work. Determining at what capacity you're able to work is difficult since you're never sure how certain types of work will impact your pain, or how your pain may impact your ability to do certain jobs. The experts at a functional restoration program can work with you to either explore new career options based on your skills and limitations or to come up with strategies that allow you to continue in your established career path in spite of your pain. They may even help you lay out a step-by-step plan for returning to work or finding new work.

If you feel overcome by your back pain with no reasonable way forward, enrolling in a functional restoration program is one of the best steps you can take. These comprehensive programs address every aspect of your ailment to get you back on track towards a happier, more comfortable life.


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Working Together: Holistic and Traditional Combinations That Work

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