Working Together: Holistic and Traditional Combinations That Work

Working Together: Holistic and Traditional Combinations That Work

Derive Benefits Of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Denise Moore

Many men report having low energy and sex drive, and they express the feeling that they should undergo testosterone replacement. Put that thought on hold for a couple of minutes. Be aware that only men experiencing symptoms of low testosterone and low blood testosterone levels should be considered to undergo testosterone replacement therapy. If testing reveals that your blood testosterone levels are low, that will confirm the fact that yes your low energy and diminished sex drive condition is caused by low blood levels. Your testosterone replacement therapy physician can arrange for the blood level testing to be performed. 

Discuss Low Blood Level Testing With Your Physician

Risks are involved when blood level testing reveals that some men simply do not have low blood levels. So discuss medical issues you've had with your physician if you suffer from chronic diseases and you've had an injury to your testicle, had testicular cancer, or have obesity problems. Bear in mind that good management by your physician dictates how successful your replacement therapy will be, and he or she will discuss these medical issues with you.

Who Prescribes Testosterone Therapy For You?

Your physician is the only person who can prescribe testosterone replacement therapy for you. Over-the-counter supplements can possibly increase your testosterone levels, but they do not address the cause of low testosterone. It's very important that you talk with your physician about what is the best approach for you when you're contemplating the use of testosterone replacement therapy.

Positives Of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Intimate desire relies on androgen receptors in your brain. When testosterone level decreases and there is not enough testosterone in your body, the androgen receptors are not activated. This is responsible for lowered levels of testosterone that negatively affects your intimate health. Testosterone replacement therapy returns your intimate functioning.

Gaining More Muscle Growth

You gain more muscle, and muscle mass growth is one of the most evident results gained from testosterone therapy. You'll also burn up a lot more calories even while you are in a resting position, helping you to lose excess fat.

Gone Are Sad Mental Health Feelings

All the moods of sadness, depression and irritable feelings you've experienced with your lowered testosterone deficiency will go away and be replaced by happier moods and feelings of optimism that all is well with your body. You'll be enjoying your life so much more.

Away With Fatigue

That constant feeling of tiredness due to fatigue that zaps every ounce of your strength daily is removed when you undergo testosterone replacement therapy. The treatment goes to work increasing your red blood cells production. That can result in a wider cardiovascular activity and increased levels of energy.


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Working Together: Holistic and Traditional Combinations That Work

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