Working Together: Holistic and Traditional Combinations That Work

Working Together: Holistic and Traditional Combinations That Work

  • Diabetes Prevention: 3 Lifestyle Changes That You Need To Make Right Now

    Do you have diabetes? Even if you say no, you might, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). According to them, 25 percent of the 29 million Americans who have it don't have a clue, which can lead to some serious health-related risks. As if that isn't alarming enough, 86 million American adults (which equals out to about 33 percent of the country's population) are in a pre-diabetic state where they have higher-than-normal blood sugar levels.

  • What Is The Best Way To Treat A Brain Aneurysm?

    Today's medical advancements offer less invasive and more effective treatment options for brain aneurysms. In the past, patients would have been told their condition was inoperable. A brain aneurysm is a weak area in the wall of your artery that supplies blood to your brain. If the aneurysm ruptures, then the blood is released into your skull and causes a stroke. Read on to find out the best brain condition treatment for brain aneurysms.

  • Common Causes Of Adult Acne

    For teenagers, it is normal to experience occasional acne breakouts. Some teens even have severe acne that must be treated by a dermatologist. However, adult acne is less common and can occur when you least expect it. Even if you had clear skin throughout your teenage years, you can suddenly develop acne prone skin. There are several things that can trigger adult acne problems, and these are some of the most common causes.

  • What You Need To Know Before Your First Colonoscopy

    It's common to be nervous before your first colonoscopy procedure. After all, the process itself doesn't sound very appealing, and preparing for the procedure probably doesn't sound like much fun either. However, a colonoscopy is actually a really simple procedure. Learn about the basics of a colonoscopy before you have your first one completed. Why Should You Have a Colonoscopy? Did you know that colon cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer-related deaths?

  • 3 Benefits Seniors Experience With Home Healthcare

    When your mom can no longer drive herself around, she may end up stuck at home all alone most of the time. If you work a lot or live far away, you may not have the ability to visit her as often as you would like, and this may cause you to worry that she is not as socially active as she should be. Staying socially active is especially important for seniors and you might be able to help her with this by hiring a home healthcare agency, such as AAA Referral & Home Health.

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    Working Together: Holistic and Traditional Combinations That Work

    I am one of those people who hates going to the doctor. In the past, I have relied on everything from cranberry juice to apple cider vinegar to fix my ails. As I get older though, I find that I need to rely more on traditional medicine than I did in the past. What I found out from my doctor is that I did not have to give up the holistic medicines I used. I could combine them. This blog is designed to help others focus on how to combing holistic treatments with traditional medicine in a safe and fun way.