Working Together: Holistic and Traditional Combinations That Work

Working Together: Holistic and Traditional Combinations That Work

  • Injured And Need Workers Compensation? Start Seeing One Of The Approved Work Injury Doctors

    After sustaining several injuries while at work, it is necessary to see a work injury doctor. The work injury doctor is a medical professional that has been selected by your employer to provide treatment and medical services to employees when they are injured. Because you are likely going to need to file a claim for workers compensation, visiting with the work injury doctor to have your injuries examined and treated is something you need to do right away

  • What To Expect After A Major Cardiac Event

    Whether you had a major cardiac event with or without surgery, what you do after the event can decrease your risk of another emergency and improve your quality of life. There are several approaches medical professionals use to aid in your rehabilitation after a cardiac event.  Patient Education Understanding your condition and what you can do to lower your future risk of cardiac problems is the most important part of the rehabilitative process.

  • What Are The Elements Of A Functional Restoration Program

    Do you suffer from debilitating back pain that prevents you from living your life the way you would like? Maybe you're fed up with trying different methods of pain relief, but to no avail -- or perhaps you're struggling to discover exercises that actually help your pain rather than hinder it. One option to get back on track would be to enroll in a functional restoration program. These programs focus on helping you better manage your condition, learn to live with it, and return to a more functional life.

  • What Is The Current State Of Stem Cell Therapy?

    If you've heard much about stem cell therapy, you've likely heard it described as one of the more promising developments in recent medical history. In many news stories, it has been made to sound like a far-off approach to treating a variety of conditions. Progress in the field of stem cell therapy treatment, however, has come quickly. Let's take a look at the current state of stem cell therapy. Moving Beyond Embryonic Stem Cells

  • 3 Things To Do When Recovering From A Stroke

    A stroke can be devastating. Even if your stroke wasn't fatal, recovering can be difficult and can leave lingering effects that last months or years. With proper treatment, you can get better and resume most, if not all, of your former activities. Here are three things you should do during your recovery: 1. Seek treatment at a stroke recovery treatment center. After your stroke, you will probably need to visit rehab and physical therapy in order to mend your body.

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Working Together: Holistic and Traditional Combinations That Work

I am one of those people who hates going to the doctor. In the past, I have relied on everything from cranberry juice to apple cider vinegar to fix my ails. As I get older though, I find that I need to rely more on traditional medicine than I did in the past. What I found out from my doctor is that I did not have to give up the holistic medicines I used. I could combine them. This blog is designed to help others focus on how to combing holistic treatments with traditional medicine in a safe and fun way.